Nizam Food Product

1 pack Butterfly semiya
2 big onions chopped finely
60g cabbage ,chopped finely
20g bean sprouts / carrot (jullined)
2 eggs
any seafood like prawns,squid,crabstick( optional if you want to put chicken or meat)oil to fry2 tbsp sambal ( see below)
spring onion for garnishred chillies chopped for garnish

Small onion - 14
dried red chilli - 20
ginger garlic paste - 2 tbsp
dried prawns/anchovies - few nos.
peanut power - 4 tsp
cloves,cardomom,cinnamon,cashew nut,almond- to taste

Grind all these items into paste
-fry this paste in lots of oil till fragrant
- season to taste with salt and sugar

Method for Bee Hoon:
- add oil to wok- add in the meat or seafood, cook till transparent
-add in the onions and cabbage
- put the sambal in
-add in the vermicelli and add a little water for it to cook
- add in beansprouts, chilli and spring onions till cooked
-serve hot and add in extra chopped chilli if you like it hotter


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    M/s. Nizam Food Products, has been manufacturing Roasted Vermicelli or Semiya in the brand name of Nizam Butterfly.


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    July 2009




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